Loading a diferent screen


I have a dammed problem.

Here the situation: when a combat begins I want to change the scenario from the main scenario of the game to a diferent one (just like a Phantsy Star IV, Final Fantasy…) however, both scenarios are 3D enviroment…

And I don

Are you talking about switching game states? Like from menu to ingame etc?

Then the game state system is what you're looking for – see jmetest.game.state.


I just want to change from the main scene to a diferent one like Phantasy Star or Final fantasy. The character is walking about the city in the main scene and when a cambat begins the scene is change to a diferent one…Once the combat is finish the game returns to a main scene.

thx a lot



If you want to switch without delay, you need to have both scenes loaded into memory. I would still go with the gamestate system where each state would have its own scenetree. The different states could then share some of the resources, such as the player character.

Upon a switch, syntax would be like this:

GameStateManager.getInstance().activateChild("fighting scene");

Don't know if I understood your question correctly or if that was of any help...

Hi Per,

First of all, I want to thank you for your help.

All I had to do is to change the camera


Here I

In your case, you might consider a simple textured fullscreen Quad in the ortho queue.