Loading a SkinNode from Collada

Hi fellows!

I am new here and this is my first post!

Well… my problem is importing a SkinNode from a .dae file. I exported it from Blender using the collada exporter.

I managed to import a Trimesh using the same way but, when i try loading the SkinNode it comes null.

I need it because my model contains bones, and only with a SkinNode i will manage to get the vertex atached to the bones.

This is the code:

SkinNode visualSkin = new SkinNode("visualObject");
try {ColladaImporter.load(new FileInputStream(visualObjectFilePath), "visualObject");}
catch (FileNotFoundException e) {e.printStackTrace();}
visualSkin = ColladaImporter.getSkinNode(ColladaImporter.getSkinNodeNames().get(0));

I've searched through the forum but didn't found any solution.. only some post with the same problem.

Does anyone have the solution?

PS: The bones are imported... but the model can only be built as TriMesh. I suspect the collada exporter is not working well or i am exporting wrong.


I made a test with a model on this post:


the link is: http://emanuelgreisen.dk/stuff/AnimationTest.blend

the model seens to load well (with the skin node) but the mine dont… :confused:

PS: from this model i exported as .dae and loaded only the cilinder with the bone on the middle

so… how must the model be built so i can export and load it?

collada importer only works with ncsoft inhouse exporter. so far ive never seen a working demo that uses collada to do skeletal animation.

Ok, i made it!

Look like that the Collada importer only recognise a model as SkinNode when we add the Armature modifer on Blender.

The problem i have now is the Z vs Y thing. But i am working on it.