Loading assets from another project

Im trying to import assets from another project, but I dont really know how to set up the assetmanager.

I tried it like this:

assetManager.registerLocator(null, “com.jme3.asset.plugins.FileLocator”);

to use the absolute path I get from a filechooser, but the problem is, that only the selected asset is loaded, a .j3o terrain file in this case. the materials arent displayed. how can I fix this?

The relative path to the images and other data needed by the j3o file in the current asset manager has to be the same as in the other projects asset manager, so you have to register the other projects assets folder. Better way would be just including the “assets.jar” from the other projects “dist” folder in the projects libraries section using “add jar”. This way the distribution of the project will also contain that data (as opposed to the actual assets folder, which only exists during development).