Loading .blend file with linked models

Hello everyone!

Blender has a feature to link objects from one .blend file to another. In this way, I can reuse models in several other maps by using a blend file as a “model repository”. So, let’s say I have a repository.blend file which contains some models. Examples: wall1, wall2, wall3, plant1, plant2, plant3, etc… And I have a map1.blend file and I link to wall1, wall2 and plant3. This map1.blend file will be loaded in my JME3 application.

My question is: With the current state of JME3, is it possible to load the linked object from the repository.blend via map1.blend? Does it support linking between the blend files?

Whenever I tried doing it, my game crashed with a NullPointerException. I haven’t found any reference related to linking so I started to wonder if it’s possible or not…

As far as I know, this is not supported.

Is there a plan to support this feature?