Loading Blender file gives Unable to find two closest vertices.... Warning

The loaded models look fine, this is under the latest alpha release in Eclipse. But it seems something is not right. It there something i should be doing in my blend files. I wasn’t getting this warning in the SDK 3.0 +jME current.

ops I should add the full warning MSG.
WARNING: Errors occured during face triangulation: Unable to find two closest vertices while triangulating face in mesh

I get this it seems for every single tri.

Ok so the loaded models are not fine it seems. I get odd popping with animations.

You could try triangulating it before exporting? Also in Blender a vertex can be effected by any number of bones, but in JME a maximum of 4 can effect any one vertex so perhaps that is causing it? Screenshots of popping maybe

We have made sure we don’t have more than 4 bones per vertex. I am having some other small issues right now, so screenshot will be a while in coming.

Indeed baking out the ngons worked well. Basically i didn’t realize the mesh wasn’t triangles. My bad. Thanks JESTERRRRRRR.

Glad it works. Weird though I never normally do that and have no problems.

This is a good add on i recently found. As it says it is Like a Spell-Checker for your Meshes.
might help you.

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