Loading blizzard file


I want to load a blizzard model in jmonkey. If I understand correct, to load a model from blizzard (for example a model from starcraft2 ) I need a m3 file and the dds file. Is this correct?

There exists some blender import tools, for example GitHub - stante/blendm3: Blender add-on to import Blizzard .m3 files or http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/M3_Import
where its possible to analyze the structure of the m3.

But I not sure, what I need to do, do see the hole model in a JME scene. Is it possible the describe or give me some example code for that? This will help me for idea to create a SC2 RTS clone/remake.
Thank you.

Note: using those assets leads to legal problems.
Try to get the open source project “meshReader” it’s a Software to parse WoW Files to generate a navmesh out of it.

I just checked it, it parses m2 Files including a full Header.

If you only want a conversion toolchain it would be better to simply try those blender plugins, what’s wrong with them?