Loading content dynamicly

Hello guys!

I’m new to JME and I’m going to develop a little Applet, in wich you have a little scean with several Object. If you click on one, you get redirected to another website.

My question is: Am I able to load data like assets dynamicly into my applet? Otherwise, i finally have to split my program up into 20-30 single applets with the same code but different assets and still some overhead.

So, what I want to do: When a object is needed (caused by a user interaction or a javascript call to the applet), this object get loadet from the server and includet into the applet. Is this possible?

Sincerly yours, Erik.

PS: Sorry, if my english is bad, im german :slight_smile:

Two options I’m aware of use the URLLoader or just add all needed ressources to the applet.

(Du würdest dich wundern wieviel hier deutsch sind ^^)

Another way is HttpZipLocator, which can stream assets from a zip file on a network

Sorry for wrong section, thanks for moving :slight_smile:

Ok, right after the post i had a second look at the wiki and read about what you mentioned. Thank you anyway. But finally, I have not tried it yet.

Well, i think the applet and the site maybe load faster if I load my assets after the site’s download and only the assets i really need.

I finally decided on using jme since I can be sure to have a helpfull community, thank you guys.

PS: Ich komm bestimmt nochmal, ich ziehe Probleme magisch an :slight_smile: