Loading model problem

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I've tried to export with ogremesh in blender, but if i do this, each link(part) of the robot is transformed in a xml file and there are a lot.  Is not there another solution/idea?

thanks for spend your time reading this.

well you need to use ogre, as obj is combining geometry of same material to reduce render calls.

That there are a lot of xml files shouldn't be a concern, aftter all when you want to distribute, you can use the jme3 binary format, wich also is a few factors faster at loading. (and only one file)

You can reduce the amount of objects exported by merging the objects together into one. Select all the objects you want to join and press Ctrl + J

thanks for the reply.

The problem of joint (ctrl +j) in one object is in move the different parts of robot. I need to move each link of the robot so a .obj file with only an object isn

You can export a scene-file as well so you don't have to load every .ogre.xml manually.


Why don't you rig the robot, then join meshes and export it with ogre?

If you rig it, you will be able to join meshes with ctrl+j an still be able to move each parts based on squeletal animation.

plus you would be able to produce very smooth movements using annimation blending…

thank you all for your answers.

The idea of skeleton is good but the intention of the project is give a denavit-hartenberg specification with each robotic model (i have several) and later calculate the inverse kinematics of robot connecting (socket) with matlab (its a university project). So I will try to export a scene-file as says ttrocha.