Loading Models into jME 2.1

Hello Everybody!!

A few friends and me have an assignement from university to create a Swarmsimulation realized with the jMonkey engine.

We use jME 2.1. We are quite in the starting phase and right now i try to import 3D Models from MAYA 2011 into jMonkey.

I searched these Forum (and external sites) for days now and i found a lot of infos but i cant see through it…

I already set up my OGRE exporter so that i can create *.obj Files and *.mesh.xml files out of my MAYA Data.

But what now?

What classes do i have to import, and what methods do we use?

Is there anybody who would take the short time to explain to me what i have to do in DETAIL, to import the models, starting from:

“I have my xml / obj files, what now?”

I would so appreciate it!!! (:

We are kind of stuck and we need your help!!

Thx, and a sunny day to everybody.

Have you looked at the example for Ogre, called TestMeshLoading?

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