Loading Quake .map file into jME3 game

I have a .map file that I whipped together from a Quake level editor (Trenchbroom). I’d like to load it into my scene. I Googled “jme3 load quake map” and got a few hits, but all posts from between 2005 and 2010, using older versions of both jME3 and Quake.

So I ask: is it possible to load Quake-based (.map file) assets/levels into jME3?

I think you’ll have to write a loader yourself if you want to import .map files. Check APIs,this shouldn’t be hard.

EDIT: A workaround could be converting .map files to another format and importing it as .map is not general-purpose and i think it is pretty old too.

Thanks @aegroto, which APIs? AssetLoader? Something else?

Watch how other loaders bundled in JME are coded and also give a watch at those two model formats projects,made for JME:

I used to use GTK Radiant for maps. Converting from .map was a pain, all “brushes” are stored as a series of planes and you have to find the intersections to get points to construct a mesh. GTK had an option to export as an .obj, though this game some messy results. After converting to obj I imported into blender to texture it.

Eventually I just started using Blender for everything, since anything made in a quake/hammer style editor is trivial to make in Blender.

EDIT: Just noticed you said Trenchbroom, which from a quick google is new ish. Might not be saving .maps the same as the old quake level editors since the only file that matters for quake is the resulting bsp (if I remember correctly).

This is pretty good level editor, though I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for

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