Loading screen?

Is it possible to have some kind of "Loading Screen"? A screen with a progress meter and maybe a text what's happening? And a background, if possible. I absolutely don't know how to do this (It'll require something to measure process, dunno how I do this)

Create a LoadingGameState with the appropriate object reference for your progress bar and some text.  Then enable/disable the state as required.

Thank you very much. That means, yet another reason to start porting to StandardGame.

SeySayux said:

Thank you very much. That means, yet another reason to start porting to StandardGame.

well gamestate doesnt mean standardgame. the only difference between standardgame and basegame on this issue is that standardgame creates a game state manager by default, where in base game u need to create it urself

I was planning to move to standardgame anyways (easier, a more of things implemented that I actually use – Simple game is good, but I don't like it's "First clean up the mess before you can get a game" kind of behaviour --, etc…

Once you go over to StandardGame, you'll never go back.

Yes, just like I'll never go back to Java 3d.  :smiley:

adamgp said:

Once you go over to StandardGame, you'll never go back.

actually thats not true, i came back to basegame + gamestates. coz standardgame make my camera flicker

I think you're a special case

There’s many reasons not to use StandardGame (see this thread).

Either way you can still use GameStates by simply calling GameStateManager.render() & GameStateManager.update() at appropriate times.

Thanks for the link to that thread, I hadn't seen it yet and just responded to it.

Changing stuff in SimpleGame is a lot easier, i.e attaching physics requires in BaseGame to copy stuff from SimplePhysicsGame, but in StandardGame I just can change the main GameState to a PhysicsGameState. I know you can implement GameStates in BaseGame, but I know for sure this requires me to copy a lot of stuff from other classes, right?

StandardGame does initialize a lot of stuff for me,  and therefore keeps my code better readable. I prefer a code where only stuff that I use is added, not where I need to copy big pieces of other codes in order to get what I want. And GameStates isn't that great, in fact, it didn't support 24 bits colordepth until yesterday.

gamestates is not responsible for ur problem…

in fact gamestates has nothing to do with any game implementation. its a way of organizing game…

Oops… sorry I meant GameSettings  :wink:

Actually GameSettings has always supported 24-bit depth, it was the GameSettingsPanel that didn't.  I wrote that initially to be an example of how you can implement your own settings editor, but it been taken on as more of a replacement to the PropertiesIO popup screen.  However, you were never bound to use that method.  Another advantage to it though is you can re-use it inside your game using JMEDesktop.