Loading sections of heightmap for terrainquad

I’m sure we are all familiar with the way hemminecrafthem loads its texture packs, by using one large image & using small sections as textures. I would like to use a similar technique to load heightmaps. I would like to create a texture with some way of having it only load a small part of the image so that I can use that to create a terrainquad, then change the values & load it up into another terrainquad. Is there some way to do this with JME?

TerrainGrid can help you with this. You just need to implement TerrainGridTileLoader and have it pick that section of a larger heightmap when it generates the TerrainQuad. ImageTileLoader kind of does this.

I am using normal terrainquads instead of terraingrid, I’m really after a way of creating a texture from just the image & co-ordinates, then applying that the the terrainquads… Thanks Sploreg though :slight_smile: