Loading Terrain (in game)

This is a hypothetical question as I’m not at this stage with my game yet. However I’m interested in knowing how jMonkey deals with this sort of thing, specifically If I have a huge world which I cut up into smaller pieces, and then load as necessary depending on the position of the player in this world. Obviously these pieces would have to fit together to create a seamless terrain when put together, though I don’t think this will be a problem since I would be cutting out the pieces from a large height map of the whole world.

Can jMonkey do this kind of thing (theoretically? or is there somebody that did it? if so did you have any problems that I should watch out for when I approach this stage? )

Lastly, I’m looking for inspiration here. Is there another way to load a big world?

Thanks in advance.


Wow, that was fast and exactly what I was looking for… well this is embarrassing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks!, these forums are the best developer forums Ive been on in a long time:)