Loading Terrain Maps

Hi everyone,

Well I got everything running and I am up to go. I am usig L3DT for my terrain map however I cant find an example on how to load this terrain map, which is in dmf format, into my existing scene. Currently I have a water map called water.dmf. And does this loading also apply for the lightning map etc?

Does anyone have an example on how to do this?



jME does not have a reader for DMF files… but the format looks interesting.  Maybe someone out there would find it a fun challenge to write an importer:  l3dt:formats:specs:dmf [BundyDocs]

The DMF format is for design maps, it has low-resolution terrain data used by L3DT to generate an actual heightmap.

What you want to do is use L3DT to create the terrain for you using the design map you made, then you can export the heightmap and texture maps for use in jME.