(float progress, String activity) ?

llama said:

(float progress, String activity) ?

Good suggestion. :)  Anyone have a problem with the reference implementation (LoadingGameState) providing:

  • 3D text for the current operation

  • 3D text for the percentage complete below the operation

  • 3D progress bar below the percentage

All would be slowly rotating as it goes.  Sound nice?  I might have some options for specifying font, textures, etc. for it as well.  I haven't done anything with the 3D font stuff yet, so we'll see how this turns out.

Nice idea… but it can not provide details of loading a single model/mesh, right?

The problem is that the loaders do not provide informations of process or activitiy (which submesh, texture, etc.).

I'm right, or not?

Well, it is dependent on how you structure your loading process.  In most cases it's going to be a "Load Some Model" and the progress won't move until it has completed loading that model, but in most cases I would think that's probably going to be sufficient.  You would simply make a call off to update the progress with the name of the current task right before you start loading it.  This is also a good way to determine what is taking a long time in your game loading.

I've checked in my work on LoadingGameState.  I dropped the idea of the 3D Text stuff temporarily because of all the problems it was having.  I also need to add fading in and fading out to it, but it's working and in CVS now.

I do have one particular problem that needs to be resolved before it will be very useful, the progress bar is a Quad and I couldn't quite figure out how to keep it from centering itself…I wanted to make it come from left to right instead of growing out from the center.  I made a really bad hack that was a nice attempt but looks terrible.  If someone could either fix it or tell me how to do this I would be grateful.  If not, I'll try to look at it with fresh eyes after having spent all day programming.  :stuck_out_tongue:

a progress bar that grows from the center sound really nice to me. if you find a way to implement it the way you want, could you please make it configurable? i like growing. :slight_smile:

btw, i also really like your controlconfig-stuff! thanks a lot!

Anybody else think that would be cool or is he just wierd?  :stuck_out_tongue:

it's not "or"… i like it AND i'm weird.  :stuck_out_tongue:

A very good point. :wink: