loadModel returns a Node, but i need a geometry


i try to load a obj file, then i get a node object. But i need a mesh or geometry object. in a test case it is possible to cast this, but not in my case. maybe i export the obj file wrong? can i get a geometry oder mesh from a node? are there some utility or builder classes which provide such a feature?

in jme3 testcase (TestobjLoading):

Geometry teaGeom = (Geometry) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Teapot/Teapot.obj”);

why that doesn’t work with my obj file?

best regards nice2k

[snippet id=“13”]

What Normen said 100%. When I first found this I got a little giddy because I realized how easy it would be to build a custom level/environment loader with this ability. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok now i got the geometries, but now i get the next problem. The loaded geometries aren’t merged any longer by the GeometryBatchFactory. Is my way the right way to load many objects from a obj file? The exported file only contains two geometries with different textures. When i replace the “obj geometries” with a simple box all runs fine.

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They cant be merged when they have differing materials.

Ah thx, now i cached the material :slight_smile: and all is fine.

Best Regards Nice2000