Lockable Mesh

Is Lockable Mesh out ???. If so - forgive my blindedness, what does one call to set ???

Did you try lock() ?  :smiley:

Or if you only want to lock specific features: 




FYI, lockMesh will do nothing for CompositeMesh based meshes, but that should be resolved soon.

FYI: Updated code in cvs now handles locking CompositeMeshes as well… You'll also notice that the Mesh count is higher now when viewing composite meshes (eg. TestCompositeSphere now says 62 Meshes - 60 strips and 2 fans) correctly illustrating the fact that a composite mesh is really in fact made up of multiple meshes each requiring its own draw call.


any progress on lockRenderStates() or things like that?

Renderstates are only applied for a Spatial if the current renderstate (for that specific state) is not already set. So we can't make a display list for applying all the states of a single Spatial. However, I think we could lock a single RenderState in some cases.

i don't understand why locking transforms with displaylists doesnt do the basic transforms…i thought locktransforms only would kill the updating of transforms and not kill out the placements of the objects at rendertime…lockmeshes and locktransforms don't work together as it is now cause lockmeshes creates displaylists, resulting in all objects being unplaced and unrotated

(if no one understands what i just wrote, i'll blame it on the late hours)

The transforms are included in the display list… but only if you call lockTransforms.

Or is your point that you can't lock tranforms, without locking the mesh data?

sorry, found out that the problem was that it doesnt work at all with full locking when using shaders…when trying different combinations i mistakenly locked the mesh before the transform…

still, something is fishy in combo with shaders…