LOD detail bug on master?

I’m adding a LOD control to a geometry which has about 6400 triangles:

And press Finish. So far so good. Now if I select the geometry the property show this LOD:

Two strange things:

  1. I see 3x the triangles I should have on LOD level 0
  2. There is no LOD level 1, despite me having created it.

Tryed also with saving and reopening the j3o.

(1) I don’t know but I noticed that too.
(2) someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I think the GUI LOD generator doesn’t like to give feedbacks at all. If you see no LODs then I think it means no LOD were created. Try playing with different value and you’ll find the ones working.

Yeah the lod generator might fail depending on the mesh topology, you can also try to do it by code.
for 1) this is not due to the lod generator, you may have an issue with your generated mesh.

which kind of issue with the mesh could that be ?
From what I remember I can reproduce that with any imported mesh and I have yet to find one for which the GUI reports a correct number.
Tested on meshes found on internet, made by me, made by others, made with blender, made with 3dmax, in blender format, in obj format, …

Note that I haven’t spent a lot of time on that since it’s not on top of my priority list.

mhh well it used to be a lot more successful that what you’re reporting, from my tests there was just the elephant of the test data project that was failing.

As usual that’s too big. There must be something obvious I’m not seeing.
I’ll try to find what’s wrong (using code too this time) and give a feedback in this forum if I find something interesting. That shouldn’t be for the next few days tho.

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Here is a feedback someone may find interesting.
I did a lot of conversions from blender to ogre to j3o yesterday.
Everything worked as expected but the anims. The result is that at most 1 (and only ONE) geometry is animated when you try to animate more than one geometry.
As I don’t have more than one geometry per file I haven’t spent time hunting down the cause.

The ogre format seems to be a good bridge between blender and jMonkey. I’ll stick to it.

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