LOD in imported models

I am trying to have lod’s for Ogre model genreated at the time an Ogre model is loaded. I have added the same code in the Ogre MeshLoader class that is in TestLodStress for createing and adding a LodControl to the geometry. I commented out the code in TestLodStress. This is where I think it should be anyways. The teapot model already has lod’s in it and the meshloader knows it. I tried this and it works I can debug through the code and it adds the controls and LodControl calls controlRender to get the right level. My problem is the statsView remains the same number of triangles which concerns me. Why does the creation of the LodControl have to be in the simpleInitApp?

I figured it out on my own. setSpatial needs to be called in cloneForSpatial for LodControl