LOD not generated past a certain number of triangles

Okay, so I’ve been fiddling around with the LOD in the SDK editor, and I need help determining why the LOD doesn’t go past a certain number of triangles.

For example, I have a cube with 768 triangles (small, I know, but for testing). I could generate levels of detail for it, but anything smaller than 600 would not show up. Why is that? I noticed that triangles started going missing in the mesh as it approached 600 (and on 600). Doest that have something to do with it too?

I ask because earlier, I had a model with 24000 triangles, and it would generate up to 22000 triangles before stopping. The triangles missing feature also became apparent.

I need to know this so I can tell my model how to make the model correctly for the LOD to work, if there is something that needs to be done for it to work.

Hard to say without seeing the model. Could you post a screen of the model in wireframe?

The LOD generator algorithm work pretty well on model that have quad based mesh, I don’t really know why. If you used a decimate modifier in blender for example, the generator won’t be able to do much.

For example the generator is unable to generate lod fir the Elephant model in the test assets. However you can have a sinbad with 178 triangles (but yeah…doesn’t looks like sinbad anymore).

Well, here is a wireframe shot:

Does it provide any insight?