LOD on custom procedural meshes?

I am planning to create LOD in my game. The thing is, I am only using default Mesh objects and no models from Ogre or something. How do I set up level of detail to a Mesh like a simple PQTorus or any self inherited object from Mesh? For example: make the roundness of a Cylinder decrease with level of detail.

I would like to create 3 pre-defined LOD’s and let an LODControl switch between them. But how do I create an LODControl? LODControl() is only for serialization.

Shall I create some homemade control that does a camera distance check or can I actually use the LODControl class?

Implement LodControl, the interface is not for serialization its for user access. Use expects to be able to go spatial.getControl(LodControl.class)

I don’t quite understand you.

LodControl is a Class, not an Interface.

Should I recreate the LodControl class? Should I inherit from LodControl? What should my constructor look like, if a default empty constructor is not ok?