LOD Simple Question

I am experimenting with LODs with my j3o objects (I can change if I really had to to Ogrexml)

I saw the LODtest example where we switch node children using LODControl. But in my case I have 2 objects one is LOD0Obj which is the high quality and the other is just a box LOD1Obj which is of course the low quality one that i will use when zoomed out only. They’re 2 different j3o files. Is there anyways I can switch back between them using LODControl?

I think that LOD control “simply” filters out vertices. So it must be the same object, I fear. It would be very easy if we could specify different objects for different LODs.

so what would be the easiest way to do it? Can I do something like create a box on top of my object and have the LOD controller choose between the box vertices or the object vertices? Would I have to convert the j3o to xml object right?

If I remember well, LOD levels are specified as a set of vertex indices. I really don’t know how faces or normals are handled. All my tests did fail…

hmmm cz I remember seeing somewhere in Blender that I can set LOD levels on a certain object. I was hoping for an easy way to switch between these levels.