LodGenerator not working for me

Hey Guys,

I wanted to implement LOD into my Game but it’s not working:
a) I am unable to generate the LOD in SceneExplorer: The LODs don’t appear under the Properties Window
b) On master netbeans logs an info which is related to some GUI stuff, but it’s irrelevant I guess
c) When I manually generate them in code it’s inreasonable fast and getNumLodLevels() returns 1 → No Generation but no Error either.

Ofcourse this could be related to my Objects but since I iterate through the whole scenegraph to let every geometry be lod’ed, chances are low that every Geometry is in-lodable (Like some easy Cubes, Planes but also more complex geometries)

I need any advice on how to investigate this

Does noone have a clue? Is it working for you?

It works for someone. Must be your objects… but we have 0 information on those.


Did you tried the TestLodGeneration.java ?
Didnt it work for you ?

Okay you are right, the Generator works, so what does a model need to work? Or: Why doesn’t LodGenerator at least drop some output on what’s wrong?

My Models are e.g. a MakeHuman Model, a House (which I’ll upload) and some simple crossroads. I know the latter don’t really profit by that mechanism but since I had a level with tri = 0 I’d like to use this for distance filtering aswell.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

heheh… because it doesn’t know either.
It can happen on triangulated meshes sometimes… For example the elepahnt model in the test data cannot be “loded”.
I’m not sure why. I guess it’s inherent to the algorithm we use…

The Ogre exporter supports some LoD if I recall correctly.

The “why” might be that many meshes aren’t “watertight” ?
That’s a problem because less and less 3D modellers have the time to make watertight meshes. (Basically it’s for 3D printing that still some people take this effort). Most of my meshes are watertight, but I’m rather slow in Blender - perhaps because of this…

We have the exact same algorihtm.

Nope. That’s not the issue IMO.