Lodum dare #21

http://ludumdare.com/, as I am sure many of you are aware is a 48 hour game making competition where you are given a theme, and make a game that reflects the theme. (the silly theme always wins) and the rules stipulate it must be solo, it must be your own code, but you can use any ide/sdk/content generation software that you can get your hands on. (this is the game comp btw, there is also a more relaxed gamejam)

i am entering this fine competition an i am going to be using the Jmonkey sdk(bit of a gamble) for my entry, and i hope to see some more of you guys compete as well.

I’m a slow coder so no chance for me. Besides, it’s not for a newb like me. :wink:

I was also thinking of entering.

They have a Jam portion as well. Which is not a solo competition but a free for all group thing.

I was going to either try jmonkey or do a android app.