Logger messages < WARNING don't show up


I’m trying use the logger. With SEVERE and WARNING levels it works just fine. With FINE, FINER, FINEST levels the messages don’t show up, whether I set the logger to corresponding levels or not.
I generally followed the tutorial on the wiki page, except that I just print plain messages without any variables put into it. I also tried adding an empty Object[] array, but it didn’t work either.

My logger code looks like this:

public class JobInExecution implements Observer, AnimEventListener {

private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(JobInExecution.class.getName());

public JobInExecution(…) {

logger.log(Level.FINE, “JobInExecution created”);


This is not really a JME question but a basic Java logging question. The internet is probably swarming with people ready to help and it would surprise me very much if google didn’t return 50 stackoverflow hits right off the bat.

Thanks for the answer.

I posted here because I though my problem is very specific. In fact I did a quick google search, maybe without ideal parameters. And I’m sitting in train with poor bandwidth, hardly able to quickly scan several websites, hoping that someone could help me right away here.
Now I found the solution for my problem.