Logging and jME physics

So I installed latest jME and jME physics and wanted to try some of the test codes. Problem is, they didn't work because of the deprecated LoggingSystem of jME. Now I know you're supposed to use the standard java logging, but truth is I know nothing about it and I tried some code I found after browsing the forum but no luck.

So far the only thing I have for logging is this:

    Handler fh = new FileHandler("/mnt/data/workspace/jmeOutput.log");
    Logger.getLogger(FPB.class.getName()).setLevel(Level.OFF); //error on this line: <identifier> expected
    Logger.getAnonymousLogger().addHandler(fh); //error on this line: <identifier> expected
    Logger.getAnonymousLogger().setLevel(Level.FINEST); //error on this line: <identifier> expected

And that's it (no I do not know what I'm doing).

So please, someone finish the page in the wiki about this or give me hints on how to get logging working so I can use jME physics.

I would suggest to get the code for both jME and jME-Physics from the CVS repository if you have not done so already… I have just checked, and thy seem to work fine.

Ah, the new logging system in the example files… Thanks.