Logging Levels -- maybe silly

Just wondering if there might be a way to change the INFOs to FINEs (or CONFIGs) in all the logging stuff in jME. I’d like to add application specific DEBUG (funny that this is not one of the default Levels) stuff so I could turn off everything INFO and greater, but I’d have to either use the WARNING level or create my own b/t WARNING and INFO. I don’t really have a problem doing that but it’s really not ‘standardized’ that way. Anyhow, not a big deal, but might be nice in the long run.

Maybe even add jME specific levels? Not trying to be picky… just my stupid nature. XD

That type of change would require a massive search-'n-replace on our part. :slight_smile: For now I would suggest simply creating your own DEBUG level. Alternatively, you could call Logger.getLogger(“your_game”) and use your own loggger. That way you could safely turn off and ignore jME’s messages with affecting your own. As for creating jME-specific levels, I’m not quite sure it’s worth the effort.

I hear you. And that is in fact exactly what I have already done. :slight_smile: It was just a thought.

Actually, improving the whole logging system is in the plans. So, your suggestions are not falling on deaf ears. Like everything else it requires time, (which with me not working on code at the moment, makes it even harder). I know, excuses, excuses. :slight_smile: