Hi all,

I was trying to turn off the logging system today, only to find there are some manual System.err and System.out calls. I have gone through most of them and corrected them on the local system, i didn’t want to commit, i was gonna leave that to the developers who are working on them.

Most System.out calls originated from com.jme.sound.lwjgl.SoundSystem

There are still some System.err calls somewhere, and I can’t find em, specifically the one which prints out the URL for the image in the Properties Dialog.

There is another System.err call which I cant find which prints this on my pc for sound loading:


It prints this out for every sound loaded.

It would be a great help if the developers working on their parts use the Logger instead of system.out/err calls.

Sorry about the moan.


:// I’ll correct on next commit

Just to remind you, we are between releases thus there will be a lot of dev artifacts in the code. While it’s cool to keep track of these for squashing in the .7 release, things may be in there for a reason at the current time.

I agree, but it would help alot of people by simply typing the extra few characters of LoggingSystem.getLogger().log(Level.INFO, ""); instead of System.out.println("");.

Its not a biggy at all, its not even a smally, it just good practice.

DP :slight_smile:

Maybe if any are found you could just add a

//TODO: replace system.out with logger

on that line of code. A way to mark it for changing, while still directly using System.out for dev practicies.