Okay guys, there has been some discussion around here in favor of an open-source/public domain type of content repository with a focus towards games.  Well, this is my gift to you, I just got finished writing it and although I’m currently hosting it on a very limited bandwidth server I’d like to make it available to the good people of jME first to get some good feedback about how they like it and if there are any bugs.

So without further ado, I bring you Logical Network:



Looks very cool. I'll be sure to make use of it, if I ever happen to make my own textures. :slight_smile:

nice, very clean interface.  I'd love a way to browse by category.

Yeah, that will be coming eventually, but for now you can just search on category alone and get a similar effect.

Is that sufficient for now you think, or do you think it important enough to make a higher priority?


Hey guys, recently added a bunch more content to the site, so check it out and if anyone has anything to contribute it would be very much appreciated as I'm really trying to push this thing out in the open!



I see some new textures and such.  Is there a particular new feature I should be looking at?

I just said new content…new features?  Why would I do a think like that? :-p

No, category browsing still isn't implemented although technically it shouldn't be too hard to do…I'll get back to you. :slight_smile:


Renanse, I just did a deploy and just for you I added the "Browse" link, so if you don't visit it I'll be quite offended. :-p


Hehe, very nice indeed.  I like it alot!  Of course, now I get to request a new feature.  It would be awesome if I could sort when I'm browsing.  Like by added date or name, etc.  :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.  Get more of a catalog built up and you could get yourself into a nice niche there.

You're pretty demanding you know that? :-p

Actually, I saw that as a request that would be inevitable, I just didn't see a good way to do it…I mean, after adding sorting features and maybe setting the number of results per page we've built up to be pretty much the same as the search page. :-p

Have a better idea to deal with this?


Personally, I would have used the search page code and just defined a search by category.  Then the wheel would not have to be reinvented at all :slight_smile:

Well, personally I agree, except I didn't want to re-invent anything since you can have all the same functionality in Search that Browse has already and then a lot more. :-p

I was just responding to a request. ;)  I could go ahead and just basically copy what I've got in Search already and just remove the "Search Query" and "Files of Type" and it would have all the functionality that you'd like?


Sure, although I meant that you might find a way to simply point at the same code for your resultset.  Are you using xml/xslt to generate your html?  Or is it hardcoded into your servlets? (you mentioned j2ee)

Actually, the results does point to the same place.

I'm using JSPs and Servlets primarily.  In this case I just have a for loop that has a page include to format the table row per object.  You'd be amazed how little code was really written for the site.  Between using my JavaRelational project and my JCommon project most of the work I had already done. :slight_smile:

I had considered XSLT but this was intended to be something just thrown together over a weekend and has morphed into something a bit larger than that.


Hey DF - is this site still functional?  I just get a Tomcat error when accessing it.  If it's no longer viable can we remove it from the jME Wiki as a free model/texture resource?

Yes, it can be removed, I abandoned the project as though people were downloading a lot nobody had uploaded anything for a very long time. Also, I needed the bandwidth for other projects. :slight_smile: