Logo/button for jME


Is there a small logo/button what I can put on my website with a link to the jME website ?

Thanks in advance.



Here you are:


Consider that a copyrighted logo. Do not modify it without our permission (besides resizing of course). Since we don’t know who actually made it I doubt we can legally make that claim though, but I hope you’ll respect it :smiley:

The link is very much appreciated! I hope more people will start linking to the new hub.jmonkeyengine.org site, as it could really use a fast siterank boost.

The logo is in good hands. I will only resize it.

I also have a little bit more difficult question. I want to release a techdemo for my game. My game uses AppStates for switching from the menu to the game.

My main class is derived from Application. What I understand from the examples of AppState it’s only possible to use AppStates when deriving from Application.

My game uses physics, so it should derive from SimpleBullitApplication. I have used the physics initialisation code from SimpleBullitApplication for now. The problem is that this code is part of jMonkeyEngine so it’s copyrighted code. That means that I can’t release my techdemo for now.

My question is what I should do now. I think I have 2 options:

  • Change the code that it derives from SimpleBullitApplication, if this is possible
  • Place a comment in my code that the physics initialisation code is part of jMonkeyEngine

    What should I do now ?

Uh, read the license again, its BSD, you can release it without worries :slight_smile: