Long way to go

^^ Long way to go before this is an actual game.

This is more for a test on different systems, if it runs, how smoothly it runs, and opinions.

Sorry its just a rar file, and megaupload you have to wait a few secs to download if your not a member


I'll try and sort a webstart out at some point.


The model is just temporary, from a zelda game, skinned(very rushed) to a biped in 3ds Max, with a motion capture file applied to it, then exported to md5 format.

The rest of the scene is a single .obj file, rendered, then each element of the file attached to a collision scene. A skybox, and some particles for the fountains water just for fun.

w,a,s,d to move

mouse to look, right mouse button held for first person view.

space to move up.

I started out just throwing bits togeather with no real idea of what I wanted to do, but now I have a rough idea of the type of game and graphical style I'd like to work towards.

I have to catch up on my studies at uni, so after this weekend 'I'll have to take a break from this project for a while, if i can lol, its a lot of fun, when I'm not tearing my hair out, and rewarding when things run how they should.

I forgot to put an fps display in before I packed it, I had commented out my parts for console use.

So, does it run? if so how smoothly? on what system? I downloaded a Java version I hope is compatible with mac and compiled it with that.

I'm running windows vista,

                   Dual core, 1.8x2

                   radeon x1650

                   2gig ram

When I tried some screen capture software the physics messed up and he bounced/slid a lot…

A solution to your web space problem --> Google for Xhosting

Did you mean to do a google search for Xhosting? If so I can't find anything that is like what you describe with that search, If you could provide alink please.

It looks nice and works on Ubuntu 8.10, NVidia 8400.

arielsan said:

It looks nice and works on Ubuntu 8.10, NVidia 8400.

^^ Thanks for testing.

Should I create a female archer for you?
(As soon I get my new PC)

That would be great, I can box model but not to a very good standard.
But I wouldn't like for you to spend time on a model that might not be used, so if you could wait till I get everything working how it should, this might be a while, weeks/months. I'm still learning as I go, it might come to a point where I can't figure out somthing and can't finnish the project, I dunno.

Works fine on my system

Windows XP

Dual core, 1.66x2

Nvidia 7600 Go

2gig ram

Great work!

I got the feeling, that he was alive

Link is a bit slow, when it needs a hero to climb on a falt hill^^.

It's the physic right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just hope my own models will have the same affect.

The slope issue I'm looking to fix. The objToJME converter names the diferent elements temp0, temp1, etc… I can rename them manually, but I'm going to look into a way of the converter using the .obj elements names. Then Iin the modelling program I put, slope 45, 90, 135, etc, before the names and the physics will apply diferent properties accordingly.

I'm open to suggestions on better ways to deal with it though. I don't really like the idea of him moving forward using a physics force, but its how the collsions are delt with.

I will definitely check this out once I am back in the loop!  A WebStart would be nice – it's not that hard after it isn't!

I have nowhere to host the webstart files, I mean they need to be uploaded to a webserver?

There is a way of having it availibale from my computer, but I remember it taking ages for me to set this up before when hosting a WoW private serever from my computer.

Anyone know a good place to find free website hosting with a free domain name register?

I will definatley put more effort into a webstart once there are some gameplay elements to the program.

A solution to your model name problem --> Use *.3ds

A solution to your web space problem --> Google for Xhosting

It's very good. Free of course, never the less, really good.

The only thing, what could be a bit difficult for you, they want a working homepage after 1week

And you must check from time to time their forum, so that they know, you are still there.

-200 GIG Space


-OWN Domain Name

-3 Mysql Databases

-Xhosting Admin Interface (Simple)



-Good if you want your own homepage

Thanks for the info,

I'll try out .3ds, It might be better as far as getting bumap/lightmap and other data as well.

I think I'm gonna learn how to put a web site togeather and hopfully host it with google. Just means that game project will be held off fror a bit.

Sorry my error

It's "X10Hosting"


Thanks, I'll check it out when I have some time :slight_smile:

jep, works fine.

Core2Duo - 2,33GHz

2Gig Ram

Onboard Grafics - Intel Q35 Express

looks nice so far.

Thanks for testing ^^

So I haven't much time to work on this right now, I just did some cleanup over the weekend and got an extra 40fps.

I haven't thought of a good title yet, so 'Archer' is the working title. I haven't even thought of a story or anything lol.

But basically, the main player in the game will be a female archer. It will be third person, when it comes to shooting arrows it will zoom in over her shoulder, sort of like the control system in resident evil 4/5.

For a demo stage, it will be like target practice. There will be a time lmit, targets will appear around the map, starting off small and getting larger, you get more points for the smaller ones. There will be a combo bonus, for hitting your next target within a certain time, and probably added time bonus's etc…

Could be a while before this is all set up and working, I'm pretty sure I can implement all the parts to make up this demo, but I don't think I'm a great programmer, so performance could start to get bad. Just have to see how it goes.

Should I create a female archer for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

(As soon I get my new PC)