Look & Feel: Other font for <code> in Wiki

Is it somehow possible to change the font for the code-tags in the wiki?

In my oppinion it is real no fun to read code-samples in the wiki. The font like

here in the forum would be quite ok I think.

What do you think?

(Ok,…maybe this font prevented us from much more jME1 -> jME2

complains :smiley: (So maybe we might decrease the font-size much more! Just kidding)


I had a look in the css and for example adding a new font is possible by adding in the design.css at the pre code class

/* code blocks by code tag */
pre.code {

or just add that would be quite ok for the beginning

pre.code {

And this is still not a good choice but a bit better.

i kind of like that font, it reminds me of my tiny scribbly handwriting  :roll:

perhaps something more akin to the Eclipse editor font?  I think the courier new looks good in 10