Look for team member for make 3d game by jme3

dear guy,thank u read my post!
ok, lets get serious,i want make a 3d game,the ui like wow, but the game content like war3 rpg! maybe u know me mind now,i need remake war3 2.5d maps convert to 3d! dont worry this project is hard! I’ve been a war3 map maker for many years,and i am a older java coder! now, i need few friends for complete this! and then we can push the game to game platform like steam,then we can gain money.
sorry about my english because i am chinese,if u want come china for work or play,just join my team.i will help u do some thing like visa and necessaries of life and something else!
my QQ no is 1053831109
my mail is 1053831109@qq.com
my wechat no is no-1949
sorry i dont have facebook。 u know the damn china network

we can do this project by network! come on!