Looking for a JME3 Example Game

Hi everyone

I’m using JMonkeyEngine as part of my dissertation, and I’m looking for a complete example game that showcases some of its features (including, if possible, jBullet physics, lighting effects, music, models, GUI components, networking, and any interesting features I haven’t mentioned)

Can anyone please point me to a game like this?

It would help my project enormously

Well, I know the JME team is working on MonkeyZone, which uses (or will use) all of the features you requested. However, they aren’t done… But, just in case you wanted the link to the Google Code project, here it is: http://code.google.com/p/monkeyzone/

Hopefully that was somewhat helpful…

EDIT: Yeah, you have to be a member to check it out. PM Normen?

jimtheunworthy said:
[..] as part of my dissertation [..]
It would help my project enormously [..]

Dont forget the license of MonkeyZone requires you to mention it if you used its code ;)