Looking for a name for your new game? ;)

Here’s all the questions and answers to get it right! lol



PS: We need an Off-topic forum in here. :slight_smile:

hahah great :smiley:

And I like the idea of an Off-topic forum :slight_smile:


  • It’s a Sci-Fi game?

  • Use a single word that could pass off as a Metal Band :

    MonkeyZone :smiley:

It’s almost right. In my case, I also added the step:

“does it return hits in google”

yes → start over.

no → acquire the domain name before proceeding.

But I nearly spit out my drink when I followed my path and got to the “put two fantasy related words together”. Which is more or less precisely what I did. :wink:


First I thought this was some kind of joke, but it turned out to be pretty interesting. :slight_smile:


It is mainly a joke, but it also (sadly?) reflects reality. To take with a grain of salt.

Haha, very true! :smiley: That’s how I going to do. How about a sci-fi name for a mmorpg game? :stuck_out_tongue:

The “General” (not General - Troubleshooting) is our off-topic board. Thanks for sharing :wink:

For stuff like this though, a share on our facebook page might be more helpful, seeing as it helps promote our project with some general banter. Maybe we should try redirect all off-topic talk there.

I’m in a hurry… so following those paths in the chart… “Age of Science” or “Universe of Adventure”… :wink: