Looking for a programmer

I’m Currently in the process of designing a game but have one issue: I’m still a newbie to programming. I am looking for someone who is willing to help out and have a good time doing so.
I am looking for people who can be chill and relaxed, have fun developing but have the knowledge necessary to build from scratch.
I am also looking for Visual Artists, Graphic Designers, Sound Artists, Community Ambassadors, Testers and more! Message me or email me: 343gamers@gmail.com

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What are you making?

I’m working a 2D rpg/1800’s farm life game. It will Borrow some aspects
from similar games but introduce new more in depth features within my

Well now you’ve technically described all the people you need to make a game so what exactly would you be doing?


It is obvious, he would be a team leader.

There are so many similar advertisements on polish gaming forums which have ‘make your own game’ section.


You are exactly correct, I am also focusing all my personal resources on the design of the game, I am personally not great at programming. I want to build it from scratch for some legal and personal reasons. All I am really looking for is a programmer and pretty much it. The rest I can take care of and I have an artist but he requested someone to aid him in creating assets. Glad to see a some questions and responses!

I posted a response, check it out! any more questions and I’ll gladly answer them!

Mmm good luck finding someone. Most programmers have far more ideas of their own than they can work on, let alone someone else’s (unless of course its a job). Since the programmer and the artist will be doing 99% of the work I can’t see anyone just basically making your idea for you for free.

If you’re serious though, have you considered taking some time to learn programming? In the time it takes to learn and then make this game I doubt you would have found anyone. It’s really not that difficult and its a brilliant skill to have.


I’ve been programming for the past 3 years but It just hasn’t… Clicked I guess. Without being able to attend 1 on 1 courses It’s been far too difficult to learn effectively hence why I am searching for programmers.

I recommend a good book… it’s extremely rewarding. I have been in a situation where I could make models and mod games but not program and it was frustrating not being able to make the things I wanted to. Now I can do anything I want.

I only push this because I think ultimately this is the only way you will achieve this (unless you pay a programmer).

Learning Java by O’Reilly.
This is where I started and I can say I have pretty good Java knowledge. But it’s true I knew how to code before…

Alright thanks! I appreciate the feedback any recommendations on what to read?

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

You can even find it online as a pdf. But I’m not sure if that’s a legal thing or is it pirated…


I also suggest to check other forums, there is some sort of game engines, that could be useful develop games with minimal knowledge to the programming, for example GameGuru(this one is for FPS), I think you might find something suite your genre, at least the minimal to proof the concept that encourage more to join.

I’m building a completely custom engine for legal reasons as I said above. As new as I am to programming I do have the knowledge to build the building blocks of a good engine. I need another programmer to help build up from the base, as it would be a far to large workload to do on my own with the schedule I have. I have been posting to other forums, though I’ve gotten… Negative responses and this is generally the most respectful one yet.

You see that jmonkey engine is under active development for many years by now and it still miss some (few) features you would expect on a modern engine.
It’s not something so trivial what you are asking for , and a thing you could clarify is if you want this for free.

And by the way, which are those legal reasons? Many engines, jme included are released on very permissive opensource license, i can’t see which legal issues you could have with a license that says “Do what you want. But do not pretend you made this.”

So you don’t need a programmer, you need a Java guru, OpenGL expert, framework architecte and genious, with a great availability.

I have to admit, I need it too :smile:

Good luck !


Not necessarily, as I said before, I can build the base engine I’ve done it before I only need a programmer to help develop pure game features. that is it.

Wait, so you can program but you can’t program? What sorcery is this?

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