Looking for concept artist on video game project

Hi guys !

We are looking for an artist to join us to create a few concept arts (2d or 3d) to help us create valuable level design and general style.

We also welcome one more artist for the production of 2D/3D assets if interested, and a java coder.

The project is a space ship top-down shooter temporary called CosmoVania. More info on demand. This project in not open source for now (but will be). The objective is to get a finished product to release to gain experience and a fancy showcase (money IS NOT our first objective) .

The team (Brainless studio) is purely amateur. It’s composed of one coder (me), one game/level designer, two 3D artists and one sound/music designer… all indie video game enthusiastics ! We use Github and Slack to colaborate.

Please send me message if you are interested, and ask your question here to learn more.



Hey methusalah,
the project you’re describing sounds very interesting.
Do you have a blog/homepage or something for that project or for the brainless studio?(Couldn’t find anything about it with google :smiley: )
And what about copyrights?

Sorry for bad english :smile:

…this is interesting topic, as in some near future, i will be doing some ‘experiment’ in order to see , what could be developed based on online collaboration and im very much interested to see, how many concept artists exists out there …

…actually, where would be place online, to look for artists (modeler, concept, etc), regardless is it payed work or not…is there any place artists hanging around like various game engines mostly having programmers…

Brainless studios is just a name for the group formed around the OpenRTS project. We don’t have any other achievement and that’s the point ! We want to create a finished product.

We have created a pretty complete Game Design Document but it is (sadly) written in french. Hopefully I will get an english translation soon. There is also a very early dev blog, but written in french too. All team members speak an understandable english, though. Communication should be smooth.

The engine itself is playable only if you have enought patience to set it up on your gear (I can help for that). Once done, it is only a matter of updating the new code via Github.

About copyrights, we would like to work as a company. The work done is attached to the project, with proper credits and fair benefit sharing if any. A concept art, for exemple, remains usable in a graphist book, but not for another project (except if CosmoVania is aborted of course :smile: )

All that in a very amateur way ^^

Hmm, interesting. I would definitely be interested, but I’m not really sure as to where I would fit. Since I’m still “intermediate” Jmonkey user and I would need to brush up on my texturing/modeling skills. Do you know what kind of art style you would shooting for?

The immediate need is concept arts for sci-fi environnement.

Spatial stations, military complexes, jungle-ish planet surface, asteroid fields, ancient ruins… the scenario is at a early stage and most of it is still to be written, so we can go wherever the team is the most comfortable with.

However, we already have a few environnement to conceptualize, we can discuss it in private. We also need concepts for ships and whatnot.

Ideally, concepts are study drawings or 3D mockup to help 3D artists in their work : Shapes, colors, lighting… to create a guideline. The “job” may extend to the production itself, of course (modelisation, texture drawing, etc).

Just downloaded slack. What now? Do you have to add me to your team or do i have to join your team? - never worked with slack before. If i have to join, then i need your team’s name.

I will send you an invitation. I got you via private message.

Given that @talent_fry has not anwser our messages for now, Brainless Studio is still missing it’s concept artist ^^