Looking for developers and modelers for New York City 3D

My New York City 3D project has reached 0.4 Pre-Release, which provides a vision of what I want to accomplish with the project. The easiest way to think of it would be GTA IV, but with a geographically realistic city and better AI.

However, I realize that for such a thing to happen, there needs to be a good framework with which to place everything on top of. For example, the roads are always straight and cannot curve, or be placed at an angle (since there would be a gap where the two roads would intersect). The current model (which is simply a texture wrapped around a “Box”) works now, but it won’t work with a much larger and realistic city.

Another example would be artificial intelligence, mostly with cars. The one car that is in the current version can only be driven by the player, and the physics need fine-tuning. An AI system that would enable each AI driver to be aware of every other driver (including the player) as well as stoplights, stop signs, etc. is beyond the reach of my current capabilities.

That is why I need developers (for things like AI) and modelers (like roads, buildings, etc.) to join the project. Currently, there is no activity on the forum or project page, so I am broadening my search for feedback and recruits.

Finally, please be aware that you will not be paid. I am not paid, in fact I pay for hosting each month, and if no one visits or participates in the project, then there will be no reason to continue the project.

So, if you have any questions, please let me know. If you are interested in joining the project, please join the forum and participate there. Thank you.

Well, I have taken some in-game screenshots that anyone can view on Flikr.

Also, the latest current version can be downloaded at http://code.google.com/p/nyc3d/downloads/list.

I know that the skybox isn’t realistic, but practically everything will be changed from the ground up, as the pre-releases are intended to show the vision of the project and to find developers and such to join in on the project.

To increase your chances of finding solid partners in crime, I strongly suggest you somehow show what ever progress you have made thus far.

Good luck!