Looking for (experienced) project manager to help get / keep us on track

Hello all,

For my game I'm looking for the following:

Team name:

FLUX (for now anyways)

Project name:


Brief description:

The game is meant to be an online (hopefully massive online) game. It is to be a mix between trading / building and space combat. Players will be able to own their own stations, build their own ships and off course fight eachother.

Target aim:

The game client will be free to download and run.


For now, no pay. Once the game is released we plan to have both a free player base and a payed player base, with the payed player base having more options off course. The money from the payed player base will first be spent on running the game, but any surplus from that will be divided among the team members.


Currently we are working on the game client, which is Java based. For the 3D engine we use JMonkeyEngine. The server is still open for discussion, although I'm leaning towards Java on that end as well. Not sure if I want to go for project DarkStar or something else yet though. More research needed here.

Talent needed:

As the topic said we are mostly looking for a Project manager. Someone with at least some game-programming experience. Because most of us don't have that much free time to spend on the project we don't expect this from you either, so you could perfectly do this alongside another project imo.

Besides that we could do with another programmer, pref. one with JMonkeyEngine know-how.

Team structure:

Currently we have 4 team members:

Mark Schrijver (which is me). I'm currently the overal team leader and main programmer.

Corne van Kessel: He does most of the game design documents (the functional part of them)

Jaime van Kessel: graphical designer and 3d modeler.

Stefan Svard: second programmer, currently learning JMonkeyEngine

Of these four people none have any real game building know-how as of yet, although we are learning fast.


Currently there is only a closed development forum seeing how there is really nothing to show yet. The game is still in pre alpha.


You can send me a PM through this forum or you can contact me directly via ractoc[at]ractoc[dot]com

Additional Info:

As said, we are currently still in the research / tool building phase. So we could really use someone with some real game building experience on the team to prevent us from making obviuos mistakes this early.

We have a basic game design document already and any serious applicants will be given this document to enable them to make a decision.


Send your mail, pref. with any examples of your work if possible to the stated address.

Wow, another space simulation! Looks like it's dutch this time, or belgian? (goedemorgen)

It's mainly Dutch.