Looking for some game/graphics related theoretical stuff


From the various forum discussions I have realised that I lack knowledge of various fundamentals involved in games/graphics programming like how is rendering done, how is motion analysed, role of frame rate, role of meshes,how is physics incorporated,physics tick etc etc just to name a few.

So I am looking for resources like books,papers ,pdfs etc which can give me some better idea of all that happens in such applications.

Can someone suggest the right names etc?


Our wiki is really made so that when you read it from start to end you know a lot about 3d development afterwards already. If theres terms you don’t understand, google can be a lot of help. I doubt theres a book that covers all the topics that you may encounter during game development as its really a vast area.

Hi Normen…is this the link you are talking about:


I visited ti but I don’t see any technical information there…its more abt projects, team members etc…

https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php...i guess this is what i am looking for…

I seriously don’t know how to make it more apparent than with a big fat menu entry “Documentation” :roll: