Looping adding pauses

When looping sounds (wav non-streaming), I’m getting short pauses (around ~300ms) at the end of each sound. I’m using good sound files that have worked fine in previous version of JME and work fine when looped in a couple of different audio editing programs. When I stream the sound I don’t quite get the pause, but instead get a ticking sound at the end of each sample.

Thanks, it is fixed in SVN

… Bonus feature: This very same bug is now also fixed for OGG. Have fun :slight_smile:

Excellent news! Thanks much.

I’ve tested the patch and it works great with ogg files, but with wavs I’m getting the following:

[java]Exception in thread “main” java.nio.BufferOverflowException

at java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.put(Unknown Source)

at com.jme3.audio.plugins.WAVLoader.readDataChunkForBuffer(WAVLoader.java:182)[/java]

Okay … should be fixed now

Great. The bug is fixed. The only minor issue is that I still hear the tick when streaming looped wavs. I don’t use this configuration personally, but thought I should mention it.