Lorenz Waterwheel & Attractor

After a few weeks of fiddling with water dynamics, I have finally completed the Lorenz Waterwheel with real-time, simultaneous graphing. For those of you not familiar with chaos theory and attractors, the Lorenz Attractor is a non-periodic, deterministic phase space graph. It never repeats, and never will, but it is not random and will stay within certain bounds. The graph really is beautiful.


Feel free to ask any questions. I'm a bit hesitant to put the source out right away, as I'm a first year programmer and my organization/cleanliness isn't the best. And if anyone else has any ideas for another project that shows mathematical chaos, please do share.


Chaotic, beautiful :slight_smile:

Looks awesome!

Very nice!

To be honest I did not understand what you were trying to do at first, now it all makes sense :wink:

Nice work

Hehe, well I’ll have to admit I didn’t necessarily explain it as well as I could have. Glad it turned out well though.