Losing transparency

I’m developing a new application using Eclipse.  In my workspace I have the jME2 source, the StrategicHandler source (modified to jME2), the GBUI source, and my application.  I’ve built GBUI, jME, and StrategicHandler to jar files so I can distribute my application as a tutorial.  The problem I’ve having is with my GUI: when I set the jME source as a dependency of my application, everything is good.  When I import all the jME jar files (creating using the build.xml), I appear to be “losing” transparency after I display my GameState that uses StrategicHandler.

In the beginning, everything looks good:

But after I’ve used the StrategicHandler:

At first I thought it was just the text on the buttons that weren’t being rendered properly, but the transparent corners of the buttons aren’t being rendered properly, so that’s why I’m thinking transparency is the problem.  It almost looks like a different font it being used, but I think that the transparency issue might be the cause of that.

I’m not currently convinced that there’s any definite “bug” in any of the code, since everything works well when I link directly to the jME source.  I’m thinking that maybe there’s some code that’s being executed in the source, but either isn’t being exported to the jar files, or I’m just not linking to the right thing.  But I’m just shooting in the dark, because I don’t know enough to know where I should even start to look or what the problem might be.

Does anybody recognize these symptoms as being caused by a particular problem?  If not, can anyone give some guidance on how I might go about tracking this problem down so I can fix it?


Those are different fonts dude.  The second one appears pixelated likely be the fonts are a lower resolution and being scaled up.

I would start looking in that direction.  You know, does font rendering default to a basic font if the specified font doesn't exist?  Anything in the output?  Open the jars up and look for the data files.  Compare that with the data in the projects your excluded from your build path.  Could be style too.  I hear that bui and gbui use bss files pretty heavily.  Worth a look.

Thanks for the second opinion and advice - if the font really is different, that wil definitely send me in a different direction than transparency.