Lost animation time with blender export

Hi everybody! Excuse me for my bad english i’m a french.

I have exported an animation make with blender with the ogre exporter.

The animation have got 200 frames and when i use this in jme sdk the animation is during less than 200 frames.

Maybe the problem come from blender.

Can you help me to solve it? Thanks and good night!

Not sure if this makes a difference, but in your blender time line window do you have it starting at 0 and ending at 200?

Yes i make that. But maybe there is a parameter that i should active for export animation totally.

Thanks for your reply!

Maybe try using Ogre exporter instead? The animation options are more visible. Maybe that’ll help.

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I tried an ogre exporter(http://code.google.com/p/blender2ogre/downloads/detail?name=blender2ogre-0.5.5.zip&can=2&q=)

But it was the exporter i use yet. Can you give me a site to download the ogre exporter for

jme and the site to download the ogre exporter to use with Ogre. Because i think i make a mistake.

Thank you very much!

In the SDK go to: Tools->OgreXML->Install Blender Ogre XML

Make sure the exporter is at the right place, turn it on in Blender (by default it’s off) then export your model with its animations.

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this is this exporter that i used and i activated it. I read that we can choose the animations that we want to export. But i have not the choice.

Is it normal!


What version of Blender are you using?

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Blender 2.62 why?

Since you’re using the latest stable version then you should see the options.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can take it from here. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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Thanks for the time that you spend for me and sorry for my bad english!

Good night!

I don’t have any options in mine either (pretty sure i’m blender 2.62, but i’ve animation to work gotten it to work without any problems…)

any chance you can upload the .blend file somewhere so i can look at it for you?