Ludam Dare Team Competition August (24 – 27)

This is in inspiration from Erlends thread.

Would anyone be interested in doing the competition with me? I think with the power of jME and its awesome members, we can produce something quite spectacular in 48 hours :). I have never done a ludam dare before, so don’t know the procedure exactly, but everyone who has done one using jME in the past, says they learn a lot! and i imagine it would be really fun as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: The team based event is actually 72 hours long


I should finally have time for one of these now, so I’d be happy to participate. I’d be taking up the “use me for whatever” role, i.e. the concept stage (I’ll downscope you back to the stoneage), loads of playtesting, rounding up & testing free resources and so forth.


Tempted. Very tempted… I’ll have to think on this.

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would be awesome to have both of you onboard! we are so gonna blow the other competitors out the water :smiley: and after we win, jME will only gain more in popularity <3

also i just looked at the rules, and the Jam Event (Team based) is 72 hours long (edited OP). Doesn’t look like theres a limit on the size of the team tho, so more people are welcome :slight_smile:

Any valuable experience to share from previous LD contests? I think I shared some links somewhere once myself…

I think the (rather obvious) key to a strong submission would be to use as much of jME3’s existing functionality as possible. By that I don’t mean trying to make use of as many jME3 features as possible, but rather handpick a few really powerful ones. For instance, just by combining TerraMonkey and BioMonkey, you already have a very strong foundation for a game that’ll be both visually pleasing and dynamic.

We could even try settle on a short list of must-use tools beforehand, that way we’d have some creative restraints to narrow down the concept stage for us.

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yeh, except I haven’t touched the terrain or BioMonkey systems yet :P, which isn’t a problem as long as someone else on our team has, so we need @androlo and @sploreg on our team as well ^^ then.

The last 6 themes have been:

  • Tiny World
  • Alone
  • Escape
  • It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!
  • Discovery
  • Enemies as Weapons

    The game is judged on:
  • Innovation
  • Fun
  • Theme
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Humor
  • Mood
  • Coolness

    I think we can decide on a sub-set of features, but need to have the ability to adapt in case the theme totally throws us off. We don’t wanna look like we just made a game and then tried to adapt it to the theme.

    I’m sure we will all have our own strengths, we’ve got to make sure everyone utilizes them :slight_smile: so @madjack you will be the team cheerleader

Yeah. In place of the pompom I’ll use whips. XD


Well I rather not volunteer as developer, but I can alpha/beta test and help with brainstorming… and cheerleading, of course!


^ ^ ^ ^ this.

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I have too much stuff to do already, and BioMonkey isn’t worth using atm (for anyone other then me). October 6th is my goal for beta version 2.0 (tho I’d like to think of it as 1.0 - the first clean, well working version). That date is the 1y anniversary of the project.

It’ll work before then, of course, but as usual it’ll be somewhat disorganized and hard to use.

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I have done ludam dare twice with Jmonkey. It is really exciting. I would like to be on the team if possible.

Here is the old thread from 22

What did you think we should use to team up

Maybe google Hangout Or Irc? PM me your google names if you want to chat.

Version Control/Team Coding

A place to create a Jnlp or Web Start. People complained last time about having to download a zip file and unzip it and mod the bat file to run on their box.

Some other notes I use Eclipse and Ubuntu. I am not good a Nifty.


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Welcome aboard! Yh we will discuss all this stuff in more detail once we get a team of 4-5 organised or if there is no more interest in the next few days. So far it sounds like u, me and Erlend for definite, with madjack on the fence.

As im going to be doing nifty tutorials this week, I will set up a framework for us with: main menu/options/credits/load screen/HUD/pause menu etc at the same time, and then we can adjust that if needed. As it says in the rules you can use pre-existing code.

Which version control (svn or git) are you guys thinking of using? I think we should use an open-source platform for it (googlecode etc) (although i’ve never used it), as a lot of private ones can limit you to a certain number of commiters unless you pay for it.

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I’m happy to take a look at what you are doing and give feedback. It sounds like it would be fun to pitch in but I really can’t afford to take time off HeroDex at the moment. Lots of deadlines looming this year.

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If you have a linux box online somewhere then running a subversion server on it is pretty trivial.

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googlecode is fine by me

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cool :slight_smile: its quite lucky for me, as the Monday is a bank holiday so i get the full day to work on it :smiley:

Im going to jump on IRC freenode jme if anyone wants to chat about Ludam Dare

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sorry i was long asleep :P, this time zone difference might pose a bit of an issue ^^ but should be able to cope with it. First rule of business what should we call ourselves? I say “The Monkees” <3 and our theme tune:

yay <3