Ludum Dare #25 Decemeber 14th-17th

A group of 4 dedicated individuals and overall help from the jME community, completed the previous ludum dare (72 hour challenge), with great motivation, team work and not a lot of sleep!! :slight_smile:

I won’t be doing it this time around, as i’m still recovering from the last one, in possiblly the most programming rich environment and highest amount of sleep deprivation i’ve ever had over a weekend, did I enjoy it!?!?! HELL YEH!!!

We did so much in 3 days (too much!!), that by the end managing it all just fell apart in the final few hours, but we all learnt so much, met great people, and most importantly learned about time management!! xD We set ourselves high goals, and for the most part we reached them.

I would urge others to grasp at the opportunity, even if doing it on your own

just a friendly reminder, that it starts this weekend. Hope to see some great jME submissions!

I just came down with a cold but if that clears up before the weekend I’m in the compo doing the jME voodoo that jME do so well :slight_smile:

Any other jMonkeys in the Ludum Dare?


good luck :slight_smile:

I didn’t use jMonkey This time. I wanted to do a HTML5 javascript platformer game.

I used melonJS library and Tiles to layout the tiled
Blender to Model and rig the Entities then Rended 8 frames of animation and converted that to sprites
LMMS for music
GIMP for Image Editing and making the Tile Textures

Wasn’t as fun as jMonkey but I think more people will be able to play since its browser based.

It seems to run fine on my box over the web, but for others it runs a bit lagged.


Just completed it on easy (hard you just seem to die randomly). Fun little game :slight_smile:

Submitted my entry “Subterranean Farm Maniac”.
Although it didn’t turn out to be very fun to play at least I had a lot of fun making it :slight_smile:

I played your VillaPlat, pretty fun, although I didn’t make it on hard level :slight_smile:
I was also considering writing something HTML5 and three.js or something. It really is pretty nice to be able to play these thing directly in the browser. But I stayed with trusty jMonkeyEngine SDK for this time.

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