Ludum Dare #31

Ludum Dare #31 starts this weekend. The voting has already begun!!

Who is going to be entering this time?

Awww shucks, haven’t quite gotten the groove of jmonkey yet to enter in, but I would really like to.

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you still have a few more days to learn before hand, and you will learn even more through the competition, well worth it!! :). It might also give you some more ideas for a future game.

I have an idea for my next android game, and would like to use ludum dare as a “proof of concept” for it. I just hope the theme is suitable for it haha.

Hi Wesley

I will be ludum daring to make a game :slight_smile: I want to focus on multiplayer this time around. So it might just be a learning one as well.
I am going to have really simple goals this time. Nothing fancy

Multiplayer (LAN)
Menu Screen (NIFTY)
One Weapon (Gun)
One Launching Weapon(Bow arrow or ball)

If I have time
Player Animation
Pick up Contorller
MMO (Kidding)

Good luck

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nice :). I still haven’t properly delved into a multiplayer game yet either. Let me know how it pans out :slight_smile:

Heheh… re: multiplayer… “I have 48 hours to make a game… I think I will try something it takes experienced people weeks to get working…”

Should be fun anyway. :slight_smile:

a challenge is always good :slight_smile:

The final 20 themes have been chosen from this weeks voting. It will be one of these:

Get voting!

Theme is : Entire Game on One Screen

awezome :). unfortunately I went out last night and feel rough as f*ck haha. Can’t really think or do anything, gonna give this one a miss :frowning: good luck with your entry :slight_smile:

Hey, too bad i didn’t see this post earlier :confused:
I’m using JME obviously with dyn4j and the wip JME-dyn4j-plugin see

This time i did the jam solo, but i hope to build a real team next time.

And I’m also streaming here

Good luck !


I submit my game : Ludum Dare 31 | Ludum Dare

It’s my first game “finished” with jme. I used it to try all the jme stuff I work on :

  • ui (javafx)
  • deferred renferer (jme_ext_deferred), fyi each gum is a pointlight (x240) + 5 (player + speed gum)
  • packaging (gradle-getdown-plugin) to bundle game with jre
  • project skeleton (jme3_skel) to bootstrap a project

There some bugs, I’ll try to fix tomorrow, now time to sleep.

Enjoy !

WOW, I love this game with a twist on the age old game we all know so well.

Very good. Good luck with this entry.

Hey, check my entry for the jam : here

It’s also my first “finished game” with JME.
As I said above I used dyn4j for the physics plus the wip JME3-dyn4j-plugin

have fun :smiley: