Ludum Dare 33 (Theme: You are the Monster!)

Good day guys,

I want to share my work which I did over the weekend.

It was again Ludum Dare game contest. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a game development contest where you as developer/designer/artist must make a game in 48 hours and every aspect of the game must be done in that time.
Existing engines may be used, etc.Link to Ludum Dare Site

I participated in this weekends challenge where the theme was : YOU ARE THE MONSTER.

MY GAME: Hungry Monster (A game where you as player controls a monster which shoots fireballs.)
Links to the game:

Some screenshots and a video:


You are unstoppable… brilliant work!

Did you make this game in jme3?
As much as I like jme3, it wouldn’t be my choice for a 2d game :smile:

Jip I did. It is actually very easy.
I have a small little home grown Sprite engine and the 2D physics engine I use is Dyn4J.

jME rocks!!!


Good Job.
I didn’t participate this time, I was traveling.

That is just too bad.
I must say, this time round I really struggled to start the design and to get an idea for a game that is appropriate for 48 hours.

Please, fix link to the LD entry

Which link is that now?
Are you talking about the link above that takes one to the LD site?