Ludum Dare 41

Ludum dare 41 is this weekend. Anyone entering?

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Yeah I have noticed.
I might be sparing some time on Sunday to code something in jME for LD41.
My weekend is actually pretty full.

What is your plan @grizeldi?

Yeah I will participate to the compo, but not with jME this time.
I am in the writing of yet another game engine, in C highly inspired by jMonkeyEngine.
I will probably have a difficult time, I will see how it’s turns out.

Have fun :smile:


Well I got my LD40 team back together with @MoffKalast joining us for this one. We have pretty much the whole weekend worth of time apart from the fact that we write an exam on tuesday.

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I guess I’ll be in charge of polishing then, eh? :wink:


Ill see if i can find the time, new little one will make it difficult.

Theme is up, I’m drawing a blank right now. Anyone here have some good concepts?

Good luck guys. I made a sandwich this weekend, exhausted.


Saw this posted specifically for ld41 Genre Mashup Generator by Caffinate
I liked point and click + tennis personally

Anything I can think of either sounds kinda stupid or not doable in 3 days. Hopefully the rest of the team has better input :smile:

Saving others some search time:
Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

The first thing that popped into my mind was “multiplayer solitaire”… about as incompatible as you can get… but I’m not very good at this idea thing.


I have an idea but jME keeps on crashing today.
I am really struggling to start working on my game.

We’re working on a racing tower defense game, but we haven’t come very far either.

My idea is a racing card game.
There are so many ideas, but one has to take all aspects into account such as time, capabilities, fun, etc.

Does anyone know why my jME sdk is just crashing on windows 10?

Any thoughts?

Do you get an error message or something and when does it crash? Did you try to reinstall the SDK? Maybe something just got messed up…

Hi @MoffKalast and @grizeldi, I wish you the best of luck for this little competition and very nice that you work with jME :+1:


After a full-time workshift worth of work, we finally have something to show, not yet very far, but at least the movement and tower selection works.


Done for day 1. We have movement, waypoints, timekeeping and some primitive AI. Could have been better, but it’s something.

BTW, does anyone know how to fix that overexposure on the sand in the background? It kicks in after light probe finishes rendering. Currently it looks almost better without a light probe, but we’d like to have the environmental lighting.


Is it a PBR Terrain or are you using the standard Terrain shader? I’ve noticed similar light patches on some of my non-pbr shaders in a scene with light probes, but it changes based on the the location and angle of the camera

Yes, its the default terrain shader. And it does change lighting sometimes, just like in your gif.