Ludum Dare 42

We have another Ludum Dare coming up on Saturday August 11th to Tuesday August 14th, 2018. This time it’s the meaning of life, universe and everything and I’ve noticed that there has been a surprising amount of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy related theme suggestions for obvious reasons. :smiley:

I’m entering with only @MoffKalast this time, since the rest of my usual team is on holidays. Anyone else planning on entering?


Hi @grizeldi.
Sounds like its going to be a very busy weekend for me.
I also want to participate but will be visiting my parents over the weekend.
I most likely only code in the evenings for a couple of hours therefor I might have to do the 72 hour JAM.

Anyways, good luck for the weekend.
PS: Would you be interested in doing some sort of warmup game during this week?

Aww man, ‘perfect timing.’

I want to participate, but I’m going on vacation. Bummer!

I’m in, I finished ld40, ld41 was the weekend my Son was born, so this will be my second jam I can hopefully finish!

Theme for LD42 is “Running out of space”. Good luck to everyone participating.

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Level Design and asset creation is progressing along well. Sadly code is nowhere to be found yet apart from basic input to move the character.


basic input to move the character

Excuse me! This code is state-of-the-art! :joy:


Is that a capsule character that its position (or velocity) is forced and that also can rotate?

Partially. It’s like this (model is the geom, layered in the “layer” node so it can spin):

    CompoundCollisionShape shape = new CompoundCollisionShape();
    shape.addChildShape(new CapsuleCollisionShape(0.3f, 0.5f), new Vector3f(0,0.5f,0));
    shape.addChildShape(new SphereCollisionShape(0.35f), new Vector3f(0,1.6f,0));
    ctrl = new RigidBodyControl(2f);
    ctrl.setPhysicsLocation(new Vector3f(0,5f,0));

so the mass pulls it down and stabilizes it, with the shape offset upwards like a bowling pin. And then to move:

public void prePhysicsTick(PhysicsSpace arg0, float arg1) {
	if (right)
	else if (left)

	if (forward)
	else if (back)

and to rotate the guy to face the velocity (with a threshold):

public void update(float tpf) {	
	if(ctrl.getLinearVelocity().length() < 0.9f)
	Vector3f dir = ctrl.getLinearVelocity().add(model.getWorldTranslation());
	dir = layer.worldToLocal(dir, new Vector3f());
	dir.y = 0;

	rotat.lookAt(dir, Vector3f.UNIT_Y);
	Quaternion prevrotat = model.getLocalRotation();
	prevrotat.slerp(rotat, 0.2f);
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Me and @MoffKalast are done for today. We got most of the features we wanted to implement today done, so we’ll probably have quite some time for polish.
Currently we have a mostly finished level, working 100% topshit controls, support for 4 players shared screen gameplay, working conveyors and deliveries of boxes. Ability to move boxes around and to pack stuff into them comes tomorrow.
Must say that I’m quite pleased with the visuals too. Even though it’s a pain to get PBR working, it’s mostly worth it :slight_smile:


Impressive. Great work!
I wonder what those guys are packing?

Mustard. Hence the wall colors.

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Disappointed it’s not liqueur-filled chocolates…

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Ohh wow, @MoffKalast your game is really blowing me away for such a short time! Mine’s done, it’s not as finished as I would have liked but I can’t really do the stay up 48 hours and work on it constantly thing anymore.$104398
I had fun though, when everyone’s finished post your links so I can be sure and vote for everyone!

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We’re done with day 2. We got different items, box dispenser, the mechanic of putting stuff into boxes, box packing and a basic order system in today. Tomorrow is the day for polish and we already have a couple fun things in mind. We’re facing the good old “How to make this more fun” question at the moment, since there’s too much walking around and not enough stuff to do. If anyone has suggestions for additional steps you’d have to do before you send out a box, let us know.


It could be a neat feature if certain events (like dropping or squishing a package) cause mustard spills around the room that the player could slip on. I guess that’s not an extra step but it would add some extra chaos


My firework


Looks nice, guys :+1: You make the jME community proud :kissing_closed_eyes:

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